Ella Gant
333 Words

In order to understand anything about me as an artist or an educator, you must first understand this.

I come from a long line of brilliant women. Brilliant women with active minds and swelling hearts, churning with watchful awareness and cloistered sensation. Brilliant women concocting hearty blends of humor and devotion, peering beyond the monotony of daily chores and senseless defeats. Resilient survivors with unassuming spirits and nerves of steel, transcending the systemic fog of their invisibility with precision and prayer. Bequeathing me their exquisite heirlooms of courage, creativity, generosity and faith.

My life’s work is a gentle meditation on the beauty of these brilliant women- a dream of dreams, for them.

Experimenting with untraditional approaches to multiple media forms continues to be an extension of the very primal awareness that I do not fit nicely into prevailing categories of identity that surround me. I have worked with text, sound, collage, assemblage, moving imagery, performance and installation, producing video installation work since its very inception as an identifiable category of art. I make art while roaming across, among and through media forms that include video, film, photography and drawing. I am equally comfortable working alone as in collaboration.

I use the raw materials of time and space, reframing the everyday, the mundane and the overlooked in symbolic and metaphorical ways. Grounded in the emotional engagement that comes from lived experience, my work is not abstract or distant but is specific, idiosyncratic and sincere. I use repetition not simply as recurrence but as renewal, a beginning again, a refusal to remain the same.

I make animations based on found imagery that are deliberate in their technical and structural simplicity, using the most sophisticated digital tools in intentionally low-tech ways to match the naive look of the original drawings and mimic the animation styles of cartoon spectacle I was bombarded with as a child. I reframe the original intent of the images looking for fellowship and a place to belong.